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Sweet in a good way, the scalloped brow pattern is dynamic as it reveals the second layer of color in the acetate for articulating. Feel the exclusive quality at hand when it glides on your face like silk over your ear. We love the flattering rectangle eye shape.


Name Origin: Minnesota

The bobcat (Lynx rufus), named for their “bobbed” tail, is the most common of Minnesota’s three native wildcat species. Over 2,000 bobcats live across northern Minnesota while sightings in southern Minnesota are still rare. Bobcats are the smallest of the Lynx family, but they can pounce up to 10 feet in a single leap and can sprint up to 30mph.


Virtual Try-On

  • Try on Bobcat


  • Cat Eye shape
  • Saddle bridge
  • 3 Barrel hinge
  • Cutout embellishments
  • OBE injection safety screws


  • Premium acetate


  • A 52 | B 35 | ED 53 | DBL 15 | TMPL 140


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