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This glam shape will rotate the crowd and cause quite the breeze of admirers with its exhilarating good looks. Not the attention to detail with the beveled edges and custom colors laminated to the interior. The flattering rectangle shape causes quite a stir.


Name Origin: Minnesota

While it’s become a popular term for severe cold bursts, the Polar Vortex is a large area of low pressure and cold air surrounding both of the Earth’s poles. On occasion during the winter the northern hemisphere gets to experience this when the vortex expands and sends that cold air southward. The last severe Polar Vortex to visit Minnesota was in January 2019 and it lasted 5 days. The Twin Cities saw 12 hours straight of -50 degrees or colder wind chill temperatures and northern areas saw temperatures of -65 degrees. At one point, Minneapolis hit temperatures lower than Antarctica. While Minnesota typically has the infrastructure to handle cold temperatures, the length of the vortex ended up causing gas and power outages for over 7,000 people, bursting water mains, closed schools and even the US Postal Service stopped deliveries statewide. What stops the USPS? A Minnesota Polar Vortex.

Virtual Try-On

  • Try on Polar Vortex


  • Cat Eye shape
  • Saddle bridge
  • 3 Barrel hinge
  • OBE injection safety screws


  • Premium acetate


  • A 54 | B 37 | ED 55 | DBL 16 | TMPL 145


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