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This frame takes you on a dreamy adventure. From the romantic gestures on the curves that highlight the sheer material behind to the unexpected inverted curvature in the top metal bar, this beauty is truly 'Fer Cute'. The movement leads you through the cute curves and emotions, invoking catty romanticism with a sinuous balance of playful, adventurous energy. With a grown-up play on the word cute, this frame evokes curiosity, playfulness, and adventure without being too sweet.


Name Origin: Minnesota

Fer Cute - describes something cute, a Minnesotan might say this - "That sweater is fer cute! Where did you get it from?" 

Virtual try-on

  • Try-on OGI Fer Cute


  • Upswept cat shape 
  • OBE Injection Safety screws 


  • Custom laminations featuring Mazzucchelli acetate
  • Stainless steel


  • A 51 | B 41 | ED 52 | DBL 16 | TMPL 140 


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