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An inspired selection of gradient colors using the exquisite acetate material from LAEs in Italy, combines good taste with an inspiring shape articulated with scalloped edges. This soft rectangle with an uplifting butterfly brow is a stunner.


Name Origin: Minnesota

The Canada Lynx (Lynx canadensis) is the rarest wildcat in Minnesota. This rare cat has brown fur with white undersides, long ear tufts, a pronounced goatee under the chin, and like its favorite pray the Snowshoe Hare, has large feet for walking on top of deep snow. This rare cat has been protected in Minnesota since 1984 and joined the federal list of threatened species in 2000. This agile cat was also the inspiration for the name of the local WNBA team The Minnesota Lynx. This team holds the WNBA record for 10 consecutive playoff appearances and won the title 4 times in the 2010’s.

Virtual Try-On

Try-on Lynx


Cat Eye shape

Saddle bridge

3 Barrel hinge

Cutout embellishments

OBE injection safety screws


Premium acetate


A 54 | B 37 | ED 55 | DBL 17 | TMPL 143


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