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When your sibling the Piece of Pie is a superstar bestseller, you want to turn up the volume and stun the crowd with your own iteration of the family’s good looks. Piece of Cake walks right in with its gorgeous Mazzuchelli acetates layered with excitement. We love how this winning shape translates perfectly as an acetate style.


Name Origin: Minnesota

The Bundt cake provides the perfect shape for the perfect piece of cake. The pan that makes that possible was invented in 1950 by H. David Dalquist, the owner of Nordic Ware Company, which is still in operation. That invention brought the Bundt shape to the rest of the world, and Minnesota celebrates this heritage by making the Bundt Cake the official state dessert.



  • Cat Eye shape
  • Keyhole bridge
  • 3 Barrel hinge
  • OBE injection safety screws


  • Premium acetate


  • A 52 | B 37 | ED 53 | DBL 16 | TMPL 140


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