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"World Optometrist Day"

March 23d; It’s time to send all our appreciation to Optometrist’s and Optician’s around the world! Oftentimes we take our sight for granted but without it, our lives would be much different.

Dr. Jang and associates provide comprehensive eye exams which check your vision, ocular health, and manage eye diseases. Our doctors also do color vision testing, police testing, thorough optic nerve testing, macular degeneration testing, glaucoma testing, visual motor skills, visual perception, peripheral vision testing and much more! 

Drs. Jang & Li specializes in Vision Therapy as well! 

What is Vision Therapy might you ask?? 

Well…it's an in-office and at-home based vision treatment program that utilizes a variety of specialized tools and equipment. The therapy aims to retrain and enhance visual motor functioning and visual processing ability! 

Did you know… 

Our SIGHT is the most important of all five senses!?  

We often forget to check our eye health as much as it’s recommended by our optometrist, yet seem to brush off what our eyes really do for us!

Remember, a visit to your Optometrist should not be delayed. Put your eye health first.

Today is a reminder for you to book your next eye exam at LivingHope Vision Clinic! 

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