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Fun pops of tortoise laminated at the corners compliment the beautiful, transparent Mazzuchelli handmade acetates. The winning rectangular shape is a great, uplifting look for many faces. Easy shape, wearable colors, Bisoux will be a top pick this season.


Name Origin: Minnesota

French for “kisses” or “hugs and kisses” bisoux is a French twist on a Northern classic! Many Minnesotans will say goodbye using the term “kisses”, and in much of Canada, they will say “kisses” or partake in la bise which consists of an exchange of kisses on the cheek(s). Minnesota and Canada share roughly 550 miles of border and have closely intertwined histories, so it’s no surprise that the state most mistaken with being Canadian would carry on a form of this traditional greeting.


Virtual Try-On

  • Try-on Bisoux


  • Saddle bridge
  • 3 Barrel hinge
  • Rectangle shape
  • OBE Injection Safety Screws


  • Premium acetate


  • A 54 | B 38 | ED 55 | DBL 16 | TMPL 143


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