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You may be reaching daily for that pie in the sky, but put your eyes on this Pie. The shape is inspired by our bestselling combination style, Piece of Pie. From there, we take this slice to another level with its crowning brow lines and layered custom colors.


Name Origin: Minnesota

Minnesota has its own pie capital in Braham, where they hold an annual Pie Day every August. There is even a special Braham Pie Day prize at the State Fair, where the pie contests drew nearly 230 contestants in 2021. While the favorite of the state can vary, the Honey Crisp Apples bred by the University of Minnesota have become predominant in local apple pies making it a signature staple in the state.

Virtual Try-On

• Try-on Pie


• Saddle bridge

• 3 Barrel hinge

• Cat Eye shape

• OBE Injection Safety Screw

• Custom material lamination


• Premium acetate


• A 53 | B 39 | ED 54 | DBL 17 | TMPL 143


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