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Myopia Control for Kids

Is your child near-sighted? 

Do you have to replace their glasses with a stronger prescription every year?


How can we manage the changes in your child’s nearsightedness?  


Find out more about Myopia Control    


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DID you know?  

By 2050, half of the world population will be nearsighted.  


What is MYOPIA? 

Myopia is a condition describing when someone’s distance vision is blurry often called “short-sighted” or “near-sighted”. 

Children with myopia tend to experience a gradual worsening of their distance vision.  This results in a more frequent need to change or update their glasses throughout childhood and into the later teen years.


While a pair of glasses helps someone with myopia see better, they are not a complete solution to help actually slow down the changes in your children’s vision.


What happens to the eye when MYOPIA occurs? 


  • The actual eye grows too quickly, and it continues to grow through the later teen years; this growth causes the eye to stretch and elongate. All of this extra growth results in difficulty seeing in the distance.

  • The conventional approach is to simply prescribe glasses to improve vision - but this isn’t necessarily a long term solution.


What causes MYOPIA? 

  • Straining while doing near tasks

  • Excessive time spent on close work (, reading, etc.).

  • Exposure to near electronic devices at younger ages

  • Inherited through family history and ethnicity, particularly in asian backgrounds. 

  • Not wearing glasses with an up to date prescription can increase myopia. 


Why is it so important to take action as soon as possible?

  • There is a higher chance of developing eye diseases such as a retinal detachment, glaucoma, cataracts, and myopic macular degeneration.

  • Improves quality of life by having a lower prescription. (Lighter glasses, thinner lenses, the option to wear regular contact lenses)

  • Reduces myopic progression and increases the success rate of myopia control treatment.


There are no available treatments to reverse myopia once it progresses! 


How can I prevent or slow down MYOPIA? 

  • Early detection of myopia before it is fully developed can help slow down progression. 

  • Reducing & limiting hours of near work, screen time, and reading. 

  • Reducing smartphone, computer usages, and exposure to blue-white bright lights. 

  • Increasing outdoor light exposure and outdoor activities.

  • Schedule your children for their yearly eye exam.


Effective treatment options for myopia 


There are several treatment options to slow down the progression of myopia. 


Corneal Reshaping (Orthokeratology) 

Soft Multifocal Contact lenses for Daytime Wear 

Atropine Eye Drops 

Myopic Control Glass Therapy 


Corneal Reshaping (Orthokeratology) 

  • A non surgical treatment that uses specially designed contact lenses to reshape the front curvature of the eye.

  • These lenses are worn each night during sleep and removed in the morning; the lenses reshape the front surface of the eye. This allows the patient to see clearly during the day without having to wear glasses or contact lenses.

  • The treatment requires close monitoring of visual changes with regular follow up visits with our doctor. 

  • Once the initial fitting is complete, routine follow ups will be scheduled every 3 months to monitor any progression.

  • This will be followed by an in depth yearly evaluation during which our doctors will take precise measurements of the length and curvature of the eye. 

  • The treatment plan will continue until the appropriate age with the prescriptions stabilizes.


Soft Multifocal Contact lenses for Daytime Wear 

  • Soft Multifocal contact lenses are used to slow myopia progression, our clinic uses MiSight daily disposable soft lenses by CooperVision.

  • The lenses are worn for 10 hours a day, 6 days a week for maximum treatment success; they are replaced with a fresh set every day

  • Lenses are replaced every day

  • There is a 1-2 week adjustment period from the initial fitting.


Atropine Eye Drops 

  • Our doctor will prescribe a low dose of Atropine (0.01% to 0.05%), which is to be used every night.

  • The drop makes the pupil bigger and is effective in slowing down myopia up to 61%. 

  • Routine follow ups with our doctors are required to ensure optimal results. 


Myopic Control Glass Therapy

  • Using defocus lens design specially made by HOYA. HOYA is a distinguished lens manufacturer, based in Japan and known for their innovative optical lens technologies, as well as high end specialized medical products.

  • D.I.M study shows 60% effective in slowing down myopia 

  • Non-invasive and easily adaptable

  • This treatment requires routine follow up  


With individualized myopic control treatment, our doctors will emphasize routine eye hygiene along with maintenance eye exercises to enhance our success. 


Our goal is to effectively manage and maximize the benefit of myopia control treatment for our patients. 


To find out more or book your child's appointment,

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