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When should we bring our kids in for an eye exam?

Typically our doctors recommend yearly exams for children. Eye exams are not always about glasses. We want our kids to perform at school and all their activities, at the highest level with optimal vision. Most importantly, see to their full potential!

Good Vision & Visual Function + Learning = Success in School!

Did you know 1 in 4 school-aged children have vision problems?

  • Is your child unable to focus at a distance or up close?

  • Is your child rubbing or covering their eyes?

  • Is your child tilting their head when looking at something?

  • Does your child skip or repeat lines while reading?

If your child is experiencing any of the above, it is time to bring them in for an eye exam!

At our clinic, we offer a Retinal Eye Scan; The Optomap! This machine takes photos of the back of your eye, and essentially is like an ultrasound for your eyes! It allows the doctors to see 80% more of your retina (the back of your eye), than the other methods used! Depending on your child's age group, we recommend this imaging annually to ensure their eyes are developing well and as a preventative measure for eye disease.

Fun activities to promote healthy vision development:

  • Puzzles to promote hand-eye coordination

  • Painting or drawing

  • Playing outside for at least 40 minutes a day

  • Minimizing phone + computer time when possible

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