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What is AMD might you ask? AMD is Age related Macular Degeneration.

What is Macular Degeneration might you ask? It is a disease that slowly decreases your vision and affects the retina. Ultimately, it causes the cells to stop working.

Some risk factors that may play a role in AMD are:

-> Vascular disease

-> Smoking

-> Age

-> Genetics

If you are diagnosed with AMD, your symptoms can range from:

-> vision being low and distorted

-> straight lines appearing wavy

-> objects appearing smaller

Don't be discouraged! Changing some lifestyle habits can prevent your ocular health from deteriorating.

If you are already diagnosed with AMD/ Low Vision, rest assured you can improve simple things in your daily life:

  1. Improving lighting in your home can help reduce glare

  2. Using a magnifier

  3. Using high contrast lenses for reading and writing

At LivingHope Vision Clinic, we have Early Defence vitamins

at your next eye exam at LivingHope Vision Clinic! itamins, “Contain 3 macular protective pigments to reduce risk and protect sight in the face of retinal disease”.

Learn more about AMD at your next eye exam at LivingHope Vision Clinic!

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