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Ontario Senior Driver’s License Renewal

Have you received a letter like this in the mail recently? We can help!

The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) recently began addressing letters to Seniors aged 80 and above, 90 days before their driver's license expires.

What does it mean?

Every two years, seniors will be required to attend an in-person

appointment, which may include a mandatory vision screening as well as a group education session.

The letter is requesting drivers to schedule an appointment for their Group Education Session by calling 1-800-396-4233 (toll free) or 416-235-2579 (GTA or out of province).

What do you need to know before scheduling your appointment with the MTO?

You will be required to write two written in-class screening assignments.

Brush up on your knowledge by either watching this YouTube video (which will also be available at the Group Education Session) or review the Official Ministry of Transportation Driver’ Handbook.

There will also be a vision assessment.

We recommend ensuring you have had a recent eye exam (seniors are covered with their OHIP card once a year!) and that your glasses are up to date and working well for you.

Before calling to book, make sure you are prepared to provide your current driver’s license number. While booking, be sure to inform them if there is a language barrier or you require any accommodations.

At your driver license renewal session:

  • You will need to bring: your current driver's license, renewal application form (if available), any glasses/ hearing aids.

  • Have a vision assessment completed (5 minute vision screening test at the MTO)

If you fail the Vision Assessment:

  • You will need to complete a Vision Report (provided by ministry)

    • To complete the form, you would need a recent, comprehensive eye exam along with a full visual field test (this specialized testing is not covered with your health card)


If you do not wish to complete the vision assessment at your renewal appointment, you can complete the Vision Report ahead of time!

The report will need to be completed within 6 months of your license renewal to be valid.

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