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Workplace Eye Awareness Month - Part 2 Keeping Your Eyes Safe: Why Safety Glasses Matter at Work

Eye protection is vital in the workplace to prevent injuries caused by hazards like debris, chemicals, and intense light. Safety glasses are crucial for safeguarding vision and minimizing the risk of permanent damage.  Let's find out why safety glasses are so crucial and how to pick and use them right.

Why Wear Safety Glasses:

  • Preventing Injuries: Safety glasses shield the eyes from potential harm, reducing the risk of injuries from flying debris, chemicals, and other workplace hazards.

  • Maintaining Vision Health: By wearing safety glasses, workers can avoid eye injuries that may lead to long-term vision problems or vision loss.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with safety regulations ensures employee safety and minimizes legal liabilities for organizations.

Types of Hazards and Glasses Selection:

  • Impact Hazards: Choose safety glasses with impact-resistant lenses for protection against flying debris and blunt force trauma.

  • Chemical Hazards: Select glasses with sealed frames and chemical-resistant coatings for environments with chemical splashes and fumes.

  • Optical Radiation: Opt for specialized glasses with shaded lenses or filter plates to shield the eyes from welding arcs and intense light.

Choosing Safety Glasses:

  • Fit and Comfort: Ensure glasses fit comfortably and securely to encourage prolonged wear.

  • Impact Resistance: Look for glasses meeting ANSI Z87 standards for impact resistance. 

  • Lens Options: Choose clear, tinted, or shaded lenses based on workplace hazards.

  • Coatings: Consider glasses with anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings for improved visibility and durability.

Using and Taking Care of Safety Glasses:

  • Wear Them: Always wear your safety glasses in areas where there's danger.

  • Check Them: Regularly look at your glasses for damage. If they're broken, replace them!

  • Keep Them Clean: Wash your glasses with mild soap and water. 

  • Store Them Safely: Put your glasses in a clean, dry place when you're not using them. Use a case to keep them safe.

Safety glasses are a big deal for keeping your eyes safe at work. By wearing the right ones and taking care of them, you're protecting yourself from harm and following the rules. It's not just about staying safe—it's about keeping your vision strong and making sure you can do your job well. 

We encourage our patients to come in for regular inspection by our dispensing specialist and come in to update your safety glasses! 

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